Data Types List
Here are the data types with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
 Ncell_systemSpatial cells
 NcommonUtility routines
 Cargs_tContainer for the standard command-line arguments to RMPCDMD
 Chistogram_tContainer for a histogram, e.g. p(x)
 Cprofile_tContainer for a profile, e.g. v(x)
 NcorrelatorBlock correlators
 NinteractionLennard-Jones potential definition
 NmdRoutines to perform Molecular Dynamics integration
 Crigid_body_tContainer for rigid body colloid
 Nneighbor_listDerived type and routines for neighbor listing
 Nparticle_systemData for particles
 Nparticle_system_ioFacilities for particle data I/O
 Nplanar_fieldsRoutines to compute planar concentration and velocity profiles
 Npolar_fieldsRoutines to compute polar concentration and velocity profiles