Nanomotor workshop - Registration

Registration is open. Please register early, the number of participants is limited by space. The fee includes participation to the workshop, the lunch and coffee breaks. The expected registration fees, valid until 22 february 2016, are

Participant Fee Fee after 22 february 2016
Student 75€ 100€
Non-student 150€ 200€

Part of the cost will be waived for students registered in the Leuven Arenberg Doctoral School.


To register for the workshop, you can either pay by bank transfer (much preferred for EU users) or credit card.

Bank transfer

Payments will have to be made by bank transfer to KU Leuven, Krakenstraat 3, 3000 Leuven. Account IBAN: BE60 7340 0666 0370 - (BIC: KREDBEBB) with mentioning of the code 400/0012/84681. It is mandatory to specify this code and failure to do so may result in long delays to validate the registration.

Credit card

Visit the registration website at

There are two steps: 1. Create an account on this server (the indico server at KU Leuven). 2. Register and proceed to online payment. The payment is secured by Ogone and the credit card number is never seen by our server.

Abstract submission for a poster

Poster contributions are very welcome! They can be submitted via the registration website at

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