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2018 Leuven Summer school on nonequilibrium physics

Dates: 28 May - 1 June 2018
Location: KU Leuven, Campus Arenberg (Further details coming up)
Organizer: Institute for Theoretical Physics - Contact: Pierre de Buyl
Registration: Registration is free but mandatory. Please see the registration page.


This is a preliminary program. Abstracts for every topic will come up shortly.

  1. Fluctuation-response theory, Entropic/Frenetic aspects: the physics of large deviations.
    Christian Maes
  2. Out-of-equilibrium field theory and dynamics of elastic interfaces.
    Thimothée Thiery
  3. What is (non)equilibrium, static and dynamical aspects, and their problems.
    Christian Maes
  4. Dynamical quantum phases, driving, [pre]thermalization
    Wojciech De Roeck
  5. Computational models for nonequilibrium
    Pierre de Buyl
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