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2018 Leuven Summer school on nonequilibrium physics

Dates: 28 May - 1 June 2018
Location: KU Leuven, Campus Arenberg (building 200D)
Organizer: Institute for Theoretical Physics - Contact: Pierre de Buyl
Registration: Registration is closed.

Our summer school aims at providing a coverage of modern nonequilibrium statistical physics across classical and quantum systems. Our lectures are intended for students and researchers in the broad field of statistical physics: driven stochastic processes, relaxation in condensed matter systems, self-propelled particles, molecular simulations, soft-matter experimentalists, etc.

The summer school is supported financially by the Arenberg Doctoral School.


  1. What is (non)equilibrium, static and dynamical aspects, and their problems.
    Christian Maes
  2. Fluctuation-response theory, Entropic/Frenetic aspects: the physics of large deviations.
    Christian Maes
  3. Computational models for nonequilibrium.
    Pierre de Buyl
  4. Modern topics in quantum nonequilibrium theory.
    Wojciech De Roeck

You can also download the poster (lower resolution, 712KB, full resolution, 3.9MB).

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