2018 Leuven Summer school on nonequilibrium - Practical information

Feel free to contact us if you need help with either travel or accomodation planning. We have no resource for financial assistance to participants however.

Getting to the lecture room

The lectures take place in room "200D 05.34". It is located on the fifth floor of the Department of Physics at the address 200D Celestijnenlaan, which is shown on the map below.

By car: You can direct you search or GPS to "Celestijnenlaan 200, 3001 Heverlee (Leuven), Belgium".

By plane: The closest airport is "Brussels Airport".

Bus from Leuven train station: Whether you arrive by bus, train or the airport, you will probably need to complete the trip with the bus. You can find the correct route by selecting the departure as "Station Leuven [B]" and the destination as "Halte Heverlee Celestijnenlaan" on the website of De Lijn.

Example trip

Hotels in Leuven

We are unable to provide directly accomodation. We list below suggestions for moderately priced accomodation:

The map below will help you to locate the listed hostels and the campus (click the link or the map for an interactive version).

Map of hostels in Leuven

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