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program poiseuille_flow
 Simulate a forced flow between two plates. More...

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program poiseuille_flow ( )

Simulate a forced flow between two plates.

Consider a pure fluid under a constant acceleration in the x-direction. Confining plates, modeled as Bounce-back boundary conditions are used in the z-direction in addition to ghost cells for the collisions near the walls.

Llength of simulation box in the 3 dimensions
gstrength of the constant acceleration in x
rhofluid number density
TTemperature. Used for setting initial velocities, for wall thermostatting and (if enabled) bulk thermostatting.
tauMPCD collision time
alphaMPCD collision angle
thermostatwhether to enable bulk thermostatting
do_hydrowhether to conserve momentum cell-wise
N_thermnumber of unsampled thermalization MPCD timesteps
N_loopnumber of MPCD timesteps

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