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program single_sphere_thermo_trap
 Simulate a thermal gradient with an embedded colloidal sphere. More...
double precision function compute_force_harmonic_trap (p, k, x0)
subroutine rescale_at_walls
subroutine compute_vxz_and_vxyz
subroutine div_vxz ()
subroutine div_vxyz ()

Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ compute_force_harmonic_trap()

double precision function single_sphere_thermo_trap::compute_force_harmonic_trap ( type(particle_system_t), intent(inout)  p,
double precision, intent(in)  k,
double precision, dimension(3), intent(in)  x0 

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◆ compute_vxz_and_vxyz()

subroutine single_sphere_thermo_trap::compute_vxz_and_vxyz ( )

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◆ div_vxyz()

subroutine single_sphere_thermo_trap::div_vxyz ( )

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◆ div_vxz()

subroutine single_sphere_thermo_trap::div_vxz ( )

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◆ rescale_at_walls()

subroutine single_sphere_thermo_trap::rescale_at_walls ( )

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◆ single_sphere_thermo_trap()

program single_sphere_thermo_trap ( )

Simulate a thermal gradient with an embedded colloidal sphere.

Consider a pure fluid under a thermal gradient in the z-direction. The confining plates are modeled as bounce-back boundary conditions in the z-direction in addition to ghost cells for the collisions near the walls.

The x-z components of the fluid velocity field is stored at fixed intervals in the center-y layer of cells.

The sphere can be either fixed or held by an harmonic trap.

Llength of simulation box in the 3 dimensions
rhofluid number density
TTemperature. Used for setting initial velocities.
wall_TTemperature at the walls (two values).
ktrap stiffness
tauMPCD collision time
alphaMPCD collision angle
N_thermnumber of unsampled thermalization MPCD timesteps
N_loopnumber of MPCD timesteps
N_MDnumber of MD timesteps per tau
vxz_intervalinterval for storing the xz velocity field
sigmasize of spherical colloid
epsiloninteraction parameter of sphere with fluid
moveenable motion of the sphere (boolean)

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