The lab

This website collects the research activities of Pierre de Buyl.

2018 Leuven Summer school on nonequilibrium physics

I organize a summer school on nonequilibrium physics in Leuven, 28 may - 1 june 2018.

Simulation software for chemically active colloids

My work on nanomotors and otherwise chemically active colloids is based on the RMPCDMD simulation code.

Analysis library for stochastic and molecular dynamics

tidynamics is a tiny package to compute (auto)correlation functions and mean square displacelements from trajectory data.

Simulation software for the Vlasov equation

vmf90 is a software for the numerical resolution of the Vlasov equation for mean-field systems, currently the Hamiltonian Mean-Field model and the Colson-Bonifacio model for the free electron laser. vmf90 is based on the semi-Lagrangian method with cubic spline interpolation.

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